Sunday, February 21, 2016

 Edgewater Beach Resort Conference Center


The meeting was called to order by board President Rolfe Hunt at 2:00 p.m. Quorum call was and taken by Mechelle Levine.  In attendance were board members Jerry Hall, Gus Martell, Bob Henry, Treasurer George McNitt, and Secretary Mechelle Levine. 

Absent: Brian Bischoff

The minutes from the January 28, 2016 meeting were presented for approval.  Jerry Hall made the motion to approve. It was seconded by Gus Martell.

Rolfe opened the meeting thanking everyone for coming, and appreciated them for taking the time out of the day to come. 

Rolfe went on to say that there have been many improvements to the community and more to come for 2016.

We have implemented the yard sale rules, the Quarterly Newsletter, improvements on drainage, the new updated Glades Directory, and managing the covenants regarding the condition of the roof, paint, landscaping, and overall appearance of the homes in The Glades.

 Rolfe once again thanked everyone for coming and looked forward to another great year.


None for review.


·        The Audit finding was read and found to be a clean audit.  This was done and conveyed by Paul Cuthbertson.

·        The budget is much healthier than years passed. The balance in checking is $62808.48, and funds in reserves are $50575.37. George stated that with healthy funds as this, we have money to spend to fix maintenance items such as the fence on S. Glades Trail, signage or any other maintenance issue that may arise that needs attention.

·        Association's financial position is sound. Budgeting and cost control continues to allow building reserves toward an adequate margin for potential needs, which we see as the minimum level required by state law. 

·        Collections for the HOA are good. Only 17 homeowners haven’t paid the HOA fee.  This is only 6% which has improved greatly from last year. There are 268 homes in The Glades.

·        We have 1 home in foreclosure and it has been turned over to our Lawyer Bill Henry.

·        The board voted and the motion carried for the Treasurers report.


Rolfe took a moment to thank both Paul and George for a great job on the audit.  Gus Martell also thanked them for their hard work, along with the board.


Repairs and Maintenance:  Gus Martell

·        Gus stated that he would like to see an event for our community. Maybe a party or a venue such as this so that we as the community can get to know their fellow neighbors.

·        He also mentioned that the 3 entrance lights for The Glades will be replaced with LED lighting.  These will last longer and also save energy.

·        Gus stated that there has to be something done with the fences in the back of Glades Trail, and a decision has to be made on this. It needs to be handled this year.

New Business:

·        Gus stated that he will look into a venue for a community gathering and get back with the board at the next board meeting March 24th. .



There were only 2 nominees on the ballot to vote for. 

With this being the matter and only 2 available positions on the board available, it was discussed to go ahead and allow the 2 nominees the open positions.  However, if there were any write-ins these will be looked at first.  This was agreed without opposition, and if not to suspend the counting of the votes.

The ballots were counted by 2 volunteers of the community Tom Holmes and Lex Wahl.

It was found there were no write-ins and that the votes could stand if voted unanimously. It was voted upon to accept the 2 nominees.  Our Attorney, Bill Henry concurred this could be accepted.

 Elected for two year term were Rolfe Hunt and Jay Sourbeer.

Meeting was adjourned by outgoing President, Rolfe Hunt at 2:40 PM.          



After discussion, the following appointments were made and approved by the new board as follows:       

Rolfe Hunt=President

Jay Sourbeer= Vice President

George McNitt=Treasurer


The meeting was adjourned by new President Rolfe Hunt at 2:47 pm

Minutes stopped at 2:47 pm by outgoing Secretary, Mechelle Levine