Sunday, February 22, 2015



The meeting was called to order by board President Lou Carroll at 1:00 p.m. Quorum call was and taken by Mechelle Levine.  In attendance were board members Louis Carroll, Jerry Hall, Rolfe Hunt, Gus Martell, Bob Henry, Treasurer George McNitt, and Secretary Mechelle Levine. 

The minutes from the January 22, 2015 meeting were presented for approval.  Jerry Hall made the motion to approve. It was seconded by Lou Carroll.


None for review.



·        The Audit finding was read and found to be a clean audit.  This was done and conveyed by Paul Cuthbertson.

·        The budget is much healthier than years passed. The balance including our reserves are $97258.31 in funds. George stated that $22,566.00 of this is reserves.  Funds have continued to grow year to year and is very healthy.

·        Our reserves maintain our signage for all three (3) entrances and other assets such as the wells which provide irrigation for the Middle Beach and Richard Jackson entrances.

·        Collections for the HOA are good. Only 12% have not paid as of date. 236 Homes have paid in full.

·        Some homeowners have paid the HOA but neglected to pay the extra twenty five dollars for the late fee, but it’s in the by-laws and expected to be paid.

·        George’s salary has been at $250.00 for many years.  Lou Carroll asked for an increase for George McNitt.  The board voted and the motion carried. 

·        The new increase monthly will be $300.00 to take effect immediately.

·        The board voted and the motion carried for the Treasurers report.


·        Public Relations: Trish McGrath

No Report at this meeting.

Environmental Report:  Rolfe Hunt

·        Rolfe started the first walk along with the committee last month.  They started on Glades Turn.   The purpose is to look at lawns landscaping, painting, stucco, trashcans, and other miss- representations of the covenant. There were several in violation of this and it will be handled by conversation, then a letter.

·        Rolfe is looking to start this up again in the spring, and start out on S. Glades Trail.

·        There were a total of 8 to 10 letters sent out for violations in 2014.  We are looking at becoming much more proactive with this in 2015 and standing behind what we say we are going to do by sending out letters and executing what needs to be done.

 Repairs and Maintenance:  Gus Martell

·        No report

Director:  Bob Henry

·        Gathering information for the newsletter.  This should be completed within a few months for the first edition to start printing.

New Business:

·        A lot of homeowners spoke out about the board being the voice of the neighborhood.  They are counting on us to keep our subdivision a beautiful place and take the actions needed and to enforce our bylaws.

·        Our homeowners are looking for an updated Directory.  George McNitt will have this completed within 2 months as he is awaiting more updated information from our homeowners before publishing.

·        The community yard sale was a success however the parking along the side of the street was still a huge problem.  We discussed looking into having the yard sale at Gulf Beach Baptist Church and will be in discussions with them to see if this can happen for future community yard sales.


The ballots were counted by 2 volunteers of the community and viewed by our Attorney.

Elected for two year term were Gus Martell, Bob Henry and Brian Bischoff.

Meeting was adjourned by outgoing President, Lou Carroll at 2:00 P.M.         



The following appointments were made and approved by the new board as follows:            

Rolfe Hunt=President

Jerry Hall= Vice President

Gus Martell=Maintenance Chairman

Bob Henry=Director

Brian Bischoff =Architecture/Environmental Chairman

George McNitt=Treasurer

Mechelle Levine=Secretary


The meeting was adjourned by new President Rolfe Hunt at 2:26 pm

Minutes stopped at 2:26pm by Secretary, Mechelle Levine