Minutes of Meetings




Thursday, January 22, 2015


The meeting was called to order by board President Lou Carroll at 6:30 p.m. Quorum call was taken by Mechelle Levine.  In attendance were board members Louis Carroll, Jerry Hall, Rolfe Hunt, Gus Martell, Bob Henry, Treasurer George McNitt, and Secretary Mechelle Levine. 

The minutes from the November 20, 2014 meeting were presented for approval.  Jerry Hall made the motion to approve. It was seconded by Lou Carroll.


Jerry Hall update us on the status of the membership nominations.  There are three (3) vacancies for the board.  Nominations included Mechelle Levine, Gus Martell, Bob Henry, and Brian Bischoff. 

Ballots will be mailed soon and announced at the Annual HOA meeting in February.

The new location for our meeting will be held at the Majestic Beach Towers on 2.22.2015 at 1:00pm.

Jerry attended the meeting at City Hall in regards to the new piping project that will take place to help contain flooding and allow for better water flow and widening the sleuthed across 98.  It will cost $15000.00 to go forth with permits for the city.



·        The motion was approved for the 2015 Budget

·        $79,038.08 is what we have total in funds. George stated of this $22,566.37 in reserves.  Funds have continued to grow year to year and is very healthy. This can be seen in the YTD in the budget.


·        Public Relations: Trish McGrath

·        12 Homes are currently for sale in The Glades.

·        2 Homes sold in November and 2 homes sold in December.

·        Homes sales are still roughly at the $167.00 a square ft., which she found has remained steady.

·        Trish also stated that 2014 was not significantly financial growth over 2013 in the housing market.

Environmental Report:  Rolfe Hunt   

Modifications: (there are 3)

·        156 Hombre Circle- Fence finished

·        125 Grading and re-sodding

·        152 Grand Heron is submitting for Painting/Driveway

·        Rolfe will start along with the committee, to take a section of The Glades and start walking the streets.  The purpose is to look at lawns landscaping, painting, stucco, trashcans, and other miss- representations of the covenant. This will be emailed out to the committee of when it will start. Per Rolfe, is should be next week.  Volunteers are welcome to assist.

·        Letters were mailed out regarding trash cans being left out on S. Glades Trail.



 Repairs and Maintenance:  Gus Martell

·        Gus received quotes for the tree line on S. Glades Trail.  He was quoted by Bay landscaping $215.00 monthly which is $2580.00 a year.

·        He was also quoted $600.00 every ¼ which totals$ 2400.00 yearly.

·        This was discussed and motioned by the board. It was not passed. Gus was asked to get more quotes due the financials not adding up. 

·        The lamps at the front entrance are broken; Gus will have them repaired. Board voted and motion carried.

·        Gus is still NOT happy with Bay Landscaping and will be having a conversation with them to see if the issues at hand can be resolved.

Newsletter:  Bob Henry

·        Bob will take care of the newsletter, and will get with neighbors for collective insight and articles to help this get started.


New Business:

·        Yard sales.  Nothing in the covenant states that they can’t be held. However it needs to be done on a ¼ basis and announced due to the traffic and parking situations on the streets.

·        Yard of the month

·        Spring Party


The meeting was adjourned by President Lou Carroll at 8:26 pm

Minutes stopped at 8:26pm by Secretary, Mechelle Levine