Minutes of Meetings

Board of Directors Meeting
July 21, 2016

Board Members Present: Rolfe Hunt, President
Jay Sourbeer, Vice President Brian Bischoff, Director
Gus Martell, Director
Bob Henry, Director
George McNitt, Treasurer
Dina Brown, Secretary

The Glades Homeowner’s Association held a Board of Directors meeting on Thursday, July 21, 2016 at 6:30 PM, Central Time at the Gulf Coast Baptist Church, located 10620 Hutchinson Blvd., Panama City Beach, FL 32407. There were eight owners present at the meeting.

Opening Remarks

Rolfe Hunt called the meeting to order at 6:35 PM and welcomed those in attendance.
Quorum was attained all five voting board members present.
Jay Sourbeer motioned to approve the 05/19/2016 meeting minutes; Brian Bischoff seconded motion and all were in favor.

Old business

122 Hombre – needs covenants and contact info – Trisha McGrath will provide to resident
122 Hombre – cat litter dumping – no litter was found upon inspection
123 Hombre – maintenance of tee box area – inspected by Ruth Edwards & Rolfe Hunt – Golf course has done some maintenance and is expected to address the areas
130 Glades Turn – golf course fence –confirmed it is the golf course fence and will expect them to address
Landscape maintenance of golf course to owner property line – Rolfe Hunt met with Pat Obrien and stated Pat will address
Alligators in ponds – claims that the Fish Game & Wildlife is placing gators in the ponds unsubstantiated
133 Glades Turn – neighbor dog off leash & no clean up – Rolfe unable to make contact with resident
Facebook set up with closed group – Not yet in place
Drainage Hombre – to be sloped for better drainage & Terry will schedule clearing
Dumping yard waste - discussion

Board and Support Staff Reports
Treasurer’s Report

George McNitt reported on the association’s YTD revenue and expenses through July 21, 2016
Assets and Liabilities as of July 21, 2016 show balance of $104,180.99
Reports were provided to the board and are included with the minutes of the meeting for review by owners
Owner - Board Communications Report
Newsletter status – Bob Henry reported it is a work in progress and thanked Jane Moffitt for loaning him old issues

Public Relations

Trisha McGrath reported there are 12 homes actively for sale, 4 under contract and 7 sold in the last 120 days. The average price per ft on those actively for sale is $155 per sq ft and $133 per sg ft for those that have sold. 25% of the homes in Panama City Beach are for sale which is the same percentage of those for sale in the Glades.
Trisha McGrath thanked the Board for the contribution of Gift Certificates to give when meeting new residents.
Rentals – George McNitt reported there are approximately 12 rentals at this time

Repair and Maintenance Report

Gus Martell reported on maintenance and repairs, citing current concerns facing the association.
A new light was installed after being hit.
Clean up was conducted around some of the utility boxes.
Noted some mailboxes are not in compliance
Motion made by Gus Martell to spend $2,250 to paint Phase 2 Community Mailbox. Jay Sourbeer seconded. Motion carried subject to communication with painter regarding surface materials and specifications on preparation. 5-0

Environmental Report

Brian Bischoff reported notifications had been sent regarding sign issues.
The reported pink port a potty was on golf course property.
The reported spray truck was on golf course property.
Brian Bischoff has issued letters with pictures on grass violations.

New Business

Jay Sourbeer motioned to table New Business, Gus Martell seconded. Motion carried 5-0
Rolfe Hunt motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:11PM, Gus Martell seconded the motion and all were in favor.
Minutes prepared by: Dina Brown LCAM, CMCA, Secretary

Minutes of Meetings