Thursday, March 26, 2015


The meeting was called to order by board President Rolfe Hunt at 6:30 p.m. Quorum call was and taken by Mechelle Levine.  In attendance were board members Jerry Hall, Gus Martell, Bob Henry, Treasurer George McNitt, and Secretary Mechelle Levine. 

Absent: Brian Bischoff-Environmental Control Chairman

The minutes from the February 22, 2015 Annual HOA meeting were presented for approval.  Jerry Hall made the motion to approve. It was seconded by Gus Martell and approved unanimously.



Update on drainage work:

·        City focused on previously announced plans to improve flow north under US-98 and south under Front Beach Road near Pompano’s Restaurant. This is in a five-year plan and applications for funding have been submitted.

·        The City is making minor corrections to augment drainage along South Glades Trail.



·         The Newsletter costs were higher than budgeted since specific plans were not available prior to the budget.  If distribution by mail is continued, cost for the year is estimated at $913. The Treasurer proposed to modify the budget to cover newsletter costs by transferring $200 from the insurance budget and $300 from the treasurer and secretarial budget. The Board moved and voted to modify the budget as recommended. The board will explore ways to reduce newsletter distribution costs prior to the next issue. For example, effective use of email for communication between the board and HOA members would provide this benefit and many others.

·         The balance including our reserves are $97925.86. George stated that $22,567.45 of this is reserves, and $75,358.41 is in checking.  Funds are continuing to stay strong and healthy.

·        There are 13 HOA member who have not paid the HOA fees. April 1st they will be at 60 days out. If not paid by May 1st, then George will be sending the information to our attorney.

·        There are 3 potential foreclosures in addition to the 13 HOA fees not paid.

·        The board voted to accept the Treasurers report.


Public Relations:  Tricia McGrath:

·        Trish stated that there are 9 homes in the Glades for sale at this time.

·        3 Closings in MLS show homes are selling at 160.00 a sqft. New construction is helping this growth, and single family homes in Panama City Beach are selling at a medium price of 137.00 a sqft.

·        Trish also tries to get to each new Homeowner in the Glades and welcome them.

·         Covenants are always given to new homeowners as part of their closing documents.  She stresses the importance of abiding by the bylaws.


Environmental Report:  Brian Bischoff (absent)


·        Deborah Gabris, a member of the environmental committee, reported for Brian Bischoff. 

·        The committee plans to review forms used to request approval of construction and modification to provide more detail on work to be done. The Bylaws list some requirements for these forms. Proposed forms will be submitted to the board for approval. 

·        The committee maintains a log of issues, findings, and actions. Relevant information from the log will be included in future reports to the board. 


Repairs and Maintenance:  Gus Martell

·        Gus stated by April all three storm water retention ponds will be treated to manage vegetation overgrowth.

·        At our entrance from R. Jackson Boulevard the new landscaping installed by Superior Residences is noticeably inconsistent with our old landscaping on the north side of the entrance. Gus addressed this with Superior owner Harry Patel and proposed modifications on the north side costing an estimated $1,500. Mr. Patel graciously agreed to fund the modifications.

·        Along the entrance to the Glades off Richard Jackson, the woods are growing and need to be cut. Gus got a bid of $1755.00 to have this cut and asked the board to approve. The motion for this to be done was approved.

·        Gus got the price down for the cutting of the tress, edging, and cutting the grass along South and North Glades Trail to $150.00 per month. He is going to have the contract with Bay Landscaping amended to include this in the contract. The motion for this to be done was approved.


Director:  Bob Henry

·        The first Newsletter was printed, mailed out, and a success.  Bob is asking for more participation from us as homeowners for good information for the next issue which is currently underway and due out in June as it is done quarterly.


Vice President: Jerry Hall

·        From board reports and discussion, Jerry identified three areas where board focus is needed:

1.      Drainage issues, and city issues.  Rolfe will stay on top of this.  Paul Costa will be his best contact in doing so.

2.      We are NOT a do nothing board.  We will be enforcing our covenants allowing our subdivision to maintain beauty and the value of our homes.

3.      More, better, and easier communication between board and owners.


New Business:

·        Homeowners present spoke out about the board being the voice of the neighborhood. They are counting on us to keep our subdivision a beautiful place and take the actions needed and to enforce our bylaws.

·        Our homeowners are looking for an updated Directory.  George McNitt will have this completed very soon, just awaiting a few more names and numbers before printing.

·        Our streets, street lighting, and drainage are maintained by the city. Our streets are public streets. We have no grounds to oppose people driving through. Speeding is a problem. We will discuss with city law enforcement how to achieve better enforcement. We do not propose to add more speed bumps. 

·        The board will draft, or have drafted, for consideration, rules for yard sales. Means to do this are to be determined. 

·        Better communication between board and homeowners is recognized as a need. Improvements in our website and electronic communications are likely part of it. The newsletter is an important first step but additional steps are needed to provide more “real time” communication. We will develop ways to address these needs.


The meeting was adjourned by President Rolfe Hunt at 7:57 pm

Minutes stopped at 7:57pm by Secretary, Mechelle Levine