Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday, March 24, 2016

 Edgewater Beach Resort Conference Center

 Minutes of Meetings

Board Members Present: Jay Sourbeer, Vice President Brian Bischoff, Director
Gus Martell, Director
George McNitt, Treasurer
Carol Scicchitano, Secretary

Board Members Absent: Rolfe Hunt, President
Bob Henry, Director

Attorney Representation: Bill Henry, Attorney at Law

The Glades Homeowner’s Association held a Board of Directors meeting on Thursday, March 24, 2016 at 6:30 PM, Central Time at the Gulf Coast Baptist Church, located 10620 Hutchinson Blvd., Panama City Beach, FL 32407. There were two owners present at the meeting and two members representing Bay Landscape.

Opening Remarks
Jay Sourbeer called the meeting to order at 6:31 PM and welcomed those in attendance.
Quorum was attained with three of the five voting board members present.
Brian Bischoff motioned to approve the 01/28/16 meeting minutes; Gus Martell seconded motion and all were in favor.
Brian Bischoff motioned to approve the 02/21/16 meeting minutes; Gus Martell seconded motion and all were in favor.

Old business
Gus Martell (Maintenance) provided an update on the contract status of landscaping and chemical treatment. A renewal proposal for landscape service was reviewed and a second proposal was provided which included chemical treatment for the lawns. Current chemical treatments are provided by Swat pest Control. A three year contract with combined lawn and chemical treatment with Bay was most cost effective. Gus Martell motioned to approve the second proposal Bay Landscape provided which includes lawn maintenance and chemical treatments at a cost of $1699.01 per month. Motion was seconded by Brian Bischoff and all directors present were in favor.
Update on Spring Newsletter was deferred due to Bob Henry’s absence from the meeting.

Board and Support Staff Reports
Treasurer’s Report
George McNitt reported on the association’s YTD revenue and expenses through March 23, 2016.
Assets and Liabilities as of March 23, 2016 show net income of $46,030.90.
Reports were provided to the board and are included with the minutes of the meeting for review by owners.
Current Delinquencies – One foreclosure, nine delinquencies +30 days past due, three administrative late fee charges.
Gus Martell motioned to accept the Treasurer’s Report, Jay Sourbeer seconded and the motion passed, with all in favor.

Owner - Board Communications Report
Newsletter status was deferred due to absence of Bob Henry
Board members in attendance discussed status of association website. Brian Bischoff offered to assist in searching out other less costly options for the website server costs and will report findings back to the board.
Mention was made regarding the lack of owners providing email addresses to the association for contact purposes.
Public Relations
Jay Sourbeer remarked on market issues, noting new construction on the property inside Hombre Circle on the golf course side.
Info regarding new residents and rentals was deferred, info was to be provided by Tricia McGrath (absent from meeting).

Repair and Maintenance Report
Gus Martell reported on maintenance and repairs, citing current concerns facing the association.
Fencing issues are of current concern and consideration for repairs and maintenance will be needed in the future
It was reported that the overall condition of the boundary fencing is in good shape with only minor repairs being needed, however, maintenance on the fencing located on the other side of the retention pond near the golf course will be needed in the future. It was reported that the golf course owns part of the fence and that it will be their responsibility for that portion of maintenance repairs. Gus commented that the golf course has indicate that it is not required for them to have a fence and that it is possible a hedge may be planted as replacement for the fencing in that area.
Environmental Report
Brian Bischoff reported on compliance issues, stating that a couple of compliance concerns with owner’s property had been resolved without consequence.
A request for modifications (re-shingle home) was submitted by one homeowner. The committee will approve color and style of the shingles. It was noted that responses to modification requests are provided within 24 to 48 hours of submission of request. Satellite dishes were also discussed noting that placement of some dishes was not in accordance with the documents, as they are able to be seen from the road. It was noted that installation of dishes has been allowed previously and may set precedence for dishes to continue to be installed upon the houses versus on the lot. This topic is to be further reviewed.
New Business
Rolfe asked Jay to speak to with regard to improvement of compliance with covenants. Jay indicated that if the environmental committee needed any assistance from volunteers that this could be arranged. It was agreed upon that no other assistance was needed at this time.
Vice President’s Summary
Brief critique was provided regarding the results of the meeting.
With no other business brought before the board, Brian Bischoff motioned to adjourn the meeting at 7:36PM, Gus Martell seconded the motion and all were in favor.
Minutes prepared by: Carol Scicchitano (CAM), Secretary

Minutes of Meetings