Thursday, September 24, 2015


The meeting was called to order by board President, Rolfe Hunt.

Quorum was not called as all board members were present.

The minutes from July 23, 2015 HOA meeting were presented for approval.  Jerry Hall made the motion to approve. It was seconded by Gus Martell and approved unanimously.



Yard sales:  


·        The motion was made to approve proposed yard sale rules.  This was seconded by Jerry Hall and approved unanimously by the board.

·        Plans were made to publish the Yard Sale Rules by using the updated directory to be published by mid-October.






·         The bank balance including our reserves is $81,862.65 George stated that $22,569.73 of this is reserves, and funds are continuing to stay strong and healthy.

·        Four (4) HOA members who have not paid the HOA fees are in collections.  Three (3) are properties in foreclosure.   

·        George stated that a tentative foreclosure has paid a portion of fees and he knows where this owner stands on payments.  George is staying on top of this.

·        George asked the board to please let him know of any budget proposals so that he can compile the 2016 budget.

·        The board agreed up to $1200.00 for Christmas decorations located at all entrances to The Glades.

·        George stated that the directory is at the printer and we should have the in distribution by mid-October.

·        Gus made the motion to accept the treasurer’s report, Jerry seconded; motion approved.


Public Relations:  Tricia McGrath:

Absent from meeting


Environmental Report:  Brian Bischoff

·        Brian stated there are nine (9) homes with applications for improvements and or modifications.

·        Examples of modifications are:  adding a 2nd floor to home located at the end of Glades Turn.  It has been approved..  Another modification is a fire pit.

·        Most issues that have been addressed are improving.  Brian is still working on those still not compliant such as trash cans, etc.

·        Requests for Modification include: 310 S. Glades Trail: Facelift to front yard. Brian has approved this but at this time homeowner has NOT started.  He will be getting fined within 2 weeks if this has not started taking effect.  

·        The front porch issue located at 112 Hombre Circle is still an issue and Brian will be sending another letter then they will be fined if not in compliance.

·        Brian will address the issue at 230 S. Glades trail with the smoker being used in the driveway.  He will check with Bill our Lawyer to see how to address this issue.

·        There have been complaints with the trees and grass growing over the pond where it has become an obstruction for view at the west end of Hombre Circle.  Brian will see what he can do about this.

·        Brian also apprised us of a few break-in’s that have happened in the subdivision and to please keep a watch out.  Encouraged us to leave outside lights on at your home.


Repairs and Maintenance:  Gus Martell

·        Gus stated that the city has been cutting the grass down along the right-hand side of S. Glades Trail.  He will be speaking with them about doing a better job.

·        Gus will be adding fish to the ponds for vegetation control.

·        The landscaping by the mailboxes will be taken care of and manicured.  

·        The budget maintenance is healthy and Gus will continue to look after our community. Gus stated that he could take his budget down for next year to $30,000.00. 

Director: Bob Henry

·        Bob stated we are tentatively looking at a mid-November distribution for the newsletter.

·        Bob is looking at new information and pulling new articles to insert.  Please, any ideas you have, get to Bob.


Vice President: Jerry Hall

·        Jerry stated that there are two (2) vacancy’s for the board next year and he looking for  looking for new nominees.

·        Letters will be sent out in November to solicit nominees.


Questions & comments from our Homeowners:

·        Tom Easter-253 S. Glades stated he is against the modification to the 2nd floor being added at Glades Turn.

·        Tom also stated that it would be great to have emails of our Homeowners so we can apprise them of situations in the neighborhood.

·        Ray Sourbeer-111 Hombre Circle wanted to get updated on the yard sale issues.

The meeting was adjourned by President Rolfe Hunt at 7:34 pm.

Minutes stopped at 7:34 pm by Secretary, Mechelle Levine