Board of Directors Meeting
November 17, 2016

Board Members Present: Jay Sourbeer, Vice President
Brian Bischoff, Director
Gus Martell, Director
Bob Henry, Director
George McNitt, Treasurer
Dina Brown, Secretary

Absent: Rolfe Hunt, President

Minutes of Meetings

The Glades Homeowner’s Association held a Board of Directors meeting on Thursday, November 17, 2016 at 6:30 PM, Central Time at the Gulf Coast Baptist Church, located 10620 Hutchinson Blvd., Panama City Beach, FL 32407. There were sixteen owners present at the meeting.

Opening Remarks
Jay Sourbeer called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM and welcomed those in attendance.
Quorum was attained with four voting board members present.
Brian Bischoff motioned to approve the 9/22/16 meeting minutes; Gus Martell seconded motion and all were in favor. Motion carried.
New Business
Mr. George Roberts, new owner of the Hombre Golf Course and Robby Willis, General Manager of the Hombre Golf Course gave a brief synopsis of the construction that is underway.
Holes 1 and 2 were sold to St Joe. It is their intention to build three strip malls.
Mr. Roberts stated that due to low maintenance on the course for the last 28 years much needed to be done to restore the golf course. Trees have been cut and over 3000 ft. of pipe lain with the goal of draining the water, especially around holes fourteen and fifteen. Robert Carroll is the engineer on the project and worked with Jerry Pate to design the new course. Eventually, the ponds on 14, 12 and 18 will be tied together. Ponds 4 – 8 need the Core of Engineers permit to tie together. Mr. Roberts is also working with the Department of Transportation to solve the drainage issues on back beach road which are due in part to the 3 existing culverts that tie in at the Church being 1 ½ foot too high to allow storm water. The DOT acknowledges the issue and will hopefully be laying an “Early Relief” pipe along with cleaning the current ditches in the hopes of draining the water faster. All the water drains north. It is his hope that the DOT will directional bore across Hwy 98 to pull water of the golf course and The Glades to be paid for by the City of Panama Beach. Until the permit from the Core of Engineers is received, more timber cannot be cut, stumps cannot be removed and work will come to a standstill.
While it may look like the cleanup has halted it is part of the process to wait for the roots of the trees removed to sit and decay a bit before they can be ground and the area properly sodded.
Regarding the new homes to be built, he expects there will be between 65 to 75 single family lots. They are at least a year away from beginning that project. The ingress will be through the Glades community. They cannot access from behind Walmart because 6 acres was held back and is not part of the parcel he owns. At this time, the golf course is the priority.
He thanked the Board and audience for their cooperation as well as to the Community as a whole. He stated that he may call upon The Glades to support the placement of a fence behind the new strip malls. His goal is to ultimately have something that is good aesthetically and financially for all.
Mr. Willis spoke to the fishing on the course. If you see someone fishing during office hours, please call the clubhouse. If it is after hours, call the police. The Hombre’s insurance will not allow recreational activities such as fishing and therefore, violators must be trespassed.
Jay Sourbeer thanked both guests for attending and welcomed them to use The Glades Facebook page for further community updates.
Old business
Jay Sourbeer motioned to set up a new webpage with ATHomeNet. Brian Bischoff seconded. Motion approved 4-0
Gus requested to purchase more No Dumping signs. Tommy Easter stated he had some that he would give to Gus.
Board and Support Staff Reports
Treasurer’s Report
George McNitt reported on the association’s YTD revenue and expenses. He reported that collections were good and recommended the Board review the financials and deposit $14,400 of the Operating Cash into the Reserve Account.
George brought up that the Holiday Decorations may need to refurbish some of the old decorations. Gus Martell motioned to spend $800 for the decoration’s to be refurbished and installed. Motion seconded by Jay Sourbeer. Motion carried 4-0.
Owner - Board Communications Report
Newsletter status – Bob Henry stated that a newsletter will be sent out soon with the information Mr. Roberts just gave.
Nominations Committee
Jay Sourbeer stated that he will disseminate information to the community about the upcoming Board elections.
Public Relations
No report in Trisha McGrath’s absence.
Repair and Maintenance Report
Gus Martell requested that people email him when lights are out and with ideas of plantings for the front entrance. There is a contract out with Jack Morris for the painting of the mailboxes. The front entrance was painted three years ago. He will try to get the painter back to fix the areas where water has discolored it. He has already changed the heads to prevent further damage.
Gus Martell to work with Bay Landscaping on entrance landscape. He will bring costs of installing a flag to the next meeting.
Environmental Report
Brian Bischoff reported this will be his last meeting as his term is up and he will not be running for office again.
Sign infractions have been better since the election has ended. Two houses are being worked on after fires. He has enforced an outbuilding complaint and a smoker (grill) complaint and handled a couple of requests for garage sales.
New Business
Shelly Sourbeer stated that the Golf Pro would like to have a social event and invited The Glades Community to attend.
Jay Sourbeer critiqued the meeting as “Long but productive” and motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:35PM, Brian Bishoff seconded the motion and all were in favor.

Minutes prepared by: Dina Brown LCAM, CMCA, Secretary