Thursday, January 28th, 2016

The meeting was called to order by board President Rolfe Hunt at 6:30 p.m. Quorum was called.  In attendance were board members Jerry Hall, Gus Martell, Bob Henry, Secretary Mechelle Levine and Treasurer George McNitt.

Absent: Brian Bischoff

The minutes from November 19, 2015 HOA meeting were presented for approval.  Jerry Hall made the motion to approve. It was seconded by Bob Henry and approved unanimously.

Rolfe started the meeting by thanking everyone on the board for all of their hard work.



·        Drainage Issues are still continuing to approve, but there still is work to be done.

·        The new “Glades Directories” were distributed throughout the community.  Our environmental volunteers did so by hand-delivering to each homeowner.

·        The $28,000.00 was moved into reserves.


·         The motion was carried to accept the treasurer’s report.

·         The balance including our reserves are $97,001.75. George stated that $50,573.37 of this is reserves, and $46,428.38 is in checking.  Funds are continuing to stay strong and healthy.

·        The motion to accept the 2016 budget was motioned by Jerry Hall and seconded by Gus Martell.

·        The audit is being done for the 2nd year by Paul Cuthbertson.


Public Relations:  Tricia McGrath; Not present

·        Rolfe stated that the welcoming gift for new homeowners in the amount of $25.00 is being recognized.

Environmental Report: 

·        With Brian being absent, the board and audience discussed several topics.

·        We have 1 request for change at this time.

·        Yard sales are still a topic with likes and dislikes.  The parking has gotten somewhat better but still a bit of an issue with some homeowners.  For the most, they have gone very well, the cones are helping.

·        The new Yard sale signs look nice and are directing patrons to where they need to go.

Maintenance:  Gus Martell

·         Gus stated that he is in negotiations with Bay Landscaping. Our current contract with them is up March 1st, 2016.

·         Gus is proposing for the new contract to Bay: pond maintenance, trim palms, take care of the drains, irrigation (sprinklers), and mulch 2 times a year.  This will cost $1808.00 a month vs. the $1435.00 monthly we are paying now.   This is a $373.00 difference a month, but will even out with the budget he has been given for landscaping.  This will be discussed with Bay and put in the contract.  The board will have an answer at the annual meeting.

·         The budget for Gus is good and he believes that he can do what needs to be done with the amount given for 2016.


Board Communication Report: Bob Henry:

·        Bob distributed the latest Newsletter.  It was expressed that Bob did a very good job with this. 

·        The spring newsletter is next as Bob is hoping for more input to make it a success. 

·        The question was asked if “renters” of the homeowner are supposed to receive this also.  As members of the community also they will be receiving the newsletter.


Vice President Report:  Jerry Hall

·        Jerry stated that there are 2 available positions on the board. We have had 2 applications.  He would like to encourage the community to become apart of the board.

·        The ballots will be given to George.

·        The community has improved for the better, but we still have work to do but we are getting it there.

·        Our effectiveness and goals are improving, meaning; our budget was approved, yard sales have been regulated, drainage has improved, and we now have a newsletter.

·        Jerry is pleased with the progress we have done as a board.


Questions from the Homeowners:         

Tom Easter asked how long it had been since we had gone out to bid on Landscaping.

Tom also asked if a neighbor’s backyard is growing up, can he do anything about it.

Rolfe said that if we have a relationship with our neighbor that we could discuss it with them.

It was mentioned down N. Glades on the right of way, if they were going to continue mowing; it is looking bad.


The meeting was adjourned by President Rolfe Hunt at 7:30pm

Minutes stopped at 7:24pm by Mechelle Levine