Thursday, July 23, 2015

The meeting was called to order by board Vice President Jerry Hall at 6:30 p.m. President, Rolfe Hunt was out of town.

Quorum was called and taken by Mechelle Levine.  In attendance were board members Jerry Hall, Gus Martell, Bob Henry, Brain Bischoff, Treasurer George McNitt, and Secretary Mechelle Levine. 

The minutes from May 28, 2015 HOA meeting were presented for approval.  Jerry Hall made the motion to approve. It was seconded by Gus Martell and approved unanimously.


Yard sales:

·        Page 14 of the covenants and restrictions under General Restrictions gives the board leeway to define yard sales. It also states that vehicles are not to be parked in the front of any lot, except on the driveway or in the carport. It further advises that no ...offensive activity shall be permitted that becomes a nuisance...

·        If approved, Three (3) yard sales per year allowed with permits of three (3) per year for said approved yard sale.

·        Since some of the board members had not yet had an opportunity to review the proposals submitted by President Rolfe Hunt, it was decided that more time was needed and that we would take this issue up in a special meeting in the very near future.  TREASURER’S REPORT:  George McNitt

·         The motion was carried to accept the treasurer’s report.

·         The bank balance including our reserves are $89,396.51 George stated that $22,569.73 of this is reserves, and funds are continuing to stay strong and healthy.

·        One (1) HOA member who has not paid the HOA fees. Two (2) are in foreclosure and could last up to a year If it does foreclose, we will get the monies due. 

·        George stated that a tentative foreclosure has paid a portion of fees and he knows where this owner stands on payments.  George is staying on top of this.

·        The Glades directory should be distributed by September.  George and Trish have tag teamed this.  There are many things changing in the subdivision with homes selling, new owners, etc., and George is asked if he may proceed without further delay.

·        The motion was moved and approved for distribution to begin.


Public Relations:  Tricia McGrath:

·        Trish stated that thirteen (13) homes are for sale in the Glades at this time averaging at 146.00 a sqft. Only one (1) sale pending.

·        Fourteen (14) homes were for sale at the last meeting.

·        Seven (7) homes closed within six (6) months.

·        Trish continues to reach out to the new home owners.  Also getting the new information for the Directory with each new homeowner. 

·         Covenants are always given to new homeowners as part of their closing documents.  She stresses the importance of abiding by the bylaws.


Environmental Report:  Brian Bischoff

·        Brain stated that thirteen (13) letters have gone out regarding lawns, trash cans, weeds etc. since the last meeting. 2nd letters are going out to those still in non-compliance.

·        All letters are worded differently depending on the situation of each homeowner and issue.

·        Brian advises that his committee is continuing getting request for modifications back within five (5) days of request.  There is communication with the homeowner if any questions arise.

·        Requests for Modification include: 310 S. Glades Trail: Facelift to front yard. 

·        Brian was called regarding 115 Glades Turn: Dan Shafer has concerns about the pool, grass, and high weeds. This home is foreclosed on and due for Auction 7.30.2015.

·        The mailbox that was hit on Hombre Circle will be repaired by the homeowner next week.

·        Much progress is being made, but we still have a way to go Brian stated.


Repairs and Maintenance:  Gus Martell

·        The woods along the left side when entering our our entrance from R. Jackson are being trimmed. Bay Landscaping will be cutting closer to the tree line.

·        Gus stated that the fence boards at the pond will get fixed quickly.

·        The budget for Gus is healthy and he will continue to look after our community.

Director: Bob Henry

·        Bob stated to please get any new ideas about the newsletter to him.  He could really use the community’s help to keep this going.

·        Bob reminded everyone that yard debris needs to stay in the homeowner’s driveway and NOT in the road.


Vice President: Jerry Hall

·        Jerry state that there are two (2) vacancy’s for the board next year and he looking for new nominees.

·        Regarding the yard sales, we will have a special meeting on the issues so that the proposals may be reviewed and the pros and cons considered



Questions & comments from our Homeowners:

·        Tom Easter-253 S. Glades stated that some of the people having yard sales are buying goods and selling it.  Traffic is a huge hazard.

·        Randall Rands-102 Heron Turn stated that they had a yard sale last week and that it was a success and they like having them at least twice a year.

·        Barbara Fraley-304 S. Glades Trail stated that yard sales are horrible, and she has had them.

·        Gus Martell wanted to go ahead and vote on the yard sale issue.  He says that the HOA members can look at the opposed proposal but the issue at hand needs to be taken care of.

·        Bill Henry stated that they “can park on the grass” is city ordinance.  Deliveries of goods to be sold is peddling.


The meeting was adjourned by Vice President Jerry Hall at 7:30 pm.

Minutes stopped at 7:30 pm by Secretary, Mechelle Levine