Board of Directors Meeting
March 23, 2017

Board Members Present: Jay Sourbeer, President Rolfe Hunt, Vice President
Jim Snider, Director Jim Storey, Director
George McNitt, Treasurer Dina Brown, Secretary

Absent: Gus Martell, Director

Minutes of Meetings

The Glades Homeowner’s Association held a Board of Directors meeting on Thursday, March 23, 2017 at 6:30 PM, Central Time at the Gulf Coast Baptist Church, located 10620 Hutchinson Blvd., Panama City Beach, FL 32407. There were sixteen owners present at the meeting.

Opening Remarks
Rolfe Hunt called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM and welcomed those in attendance.
Quorum was attained with three voting board members present. Jay Sourbeer came in a bit later.
Jim Storey motioned to approve the February 26, 2017 meeting minutes. Jim Snider seconded motion. Motion carried unanimously.
Board and Support Staff Reports
Treasurer’s Report
George McNitt reported on the association’s YTD revenue and expenses. Six owners will be delinquent more than 60 days as of April 1st. There are two account in collections with the attorney. The current operating balance is $129,203.42 which include the reserves.
George McNitt is working on the directory and any updates to addresses, emails or phone numbers should go to him.
Owner - Board Communications Report
Jeff Storey reported that he has drafted a questionnaire to be sent to all resident via direct mail to determine which means of communications residents prefer.
Public Relations
Trisha McGrath reported eight homes are currently For Sale, five under contract and seven which have closed in the last ninety days. She requested more copies of The Glades Declarations be made for her to give to new homeowners.
Repair and Maintenance Report
In Gus Martell’s absence, Rolfe Hunt fielded questions from the audience. Trisha McGrath asked for status of street lights being switched to LED’s. Mr. Easter reported that he was working with Gus on this and that Gulf Power was out looking at poles today.
Jay Sourbeer stated he would contact the Police to request the mobile speed detector be temporarily placed in The Glades to deter speeding.
Kudos were given to Gus Martell for his efforts installing the new flag poles.
A resident reported the backflow preventer at the mailbox was leaking.
George McNitt reported the landscape lights at the Richard Jackson entrance were till on at 10am. The photo sensor may have gone bad.
Environmental Report
Jim Snider reported that the trash in front of 204 S Glades was removed by the City.
Jim Snider requested a flier summarizing the rules be sent out as a reminder to all.
Jay Sourbeer stated he would call The Hombre to find out who is responsible for the hedge behind Sheila Conyers house.
John Jones reported that trees on his property easement were marked for removal by the Glades. A representative of Bay County told him that residents don’t have to let them take down trees that are in the easement.
Jeff Storey motioned the Board obtain legal counsel to correspond with The Hombre developer regarding damage to trees on private property and removal of trees on easements. Rolfe Hunt seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.
New Business
George McNitt reported that a representative from Gulf Coast Baptist Church had contacted him regarding a Code Enforcement issue against them that was supposedly reported by a Glades resident. Jay Sourbeer stated that he would send a note to the Church stating, in effect, that if this report was made by a Glades resident, it certainly does not reflect the feelings of the community as a whole.
Jay Sourbeer critiqued the meeting and motioned to adjourn the meeting at 7:57PM. Rolfe Hunt seconded the motion and all were in favor.

Minutes prepared by: Dina Brown LCAM, CMCA, Secretary