Thursday, May 28, 2015


The meeting was called to order by board President Rolfe Hunt at 6:30 p.m. Quorum was called and taken by Mechelle Levine.  In attendance were board members Jerry Hall, Gus Martell, Bob Henry, Brain Bischoff, Treasurer George McNitt, and Secretary Mechelle Levine. 

The minutes from March 26, 2015 HOA meeting were presented for approval.  Jerry Hall made the motion to approve. It was seconded by Bob Henry and approved unanimously.



Drainage Improvements:

·        City has requested funding to improve flow north and is in progress.  As of yet, the south end hasn’t been approved. This is a five-year plan.

·        Drainages issues along South Glades Trail is a priority. This is improved tremendously and work is continuing to improve in problem areas.

·        The fence behind S. Glades home where the pond is still need boards fixed. This will be taken care of by Gus.



·         The motion was carried to accept the treasurer’s report.

·         The balance including our reserves are $93,343.53. George stated that $22,568.04 of this is reserves, and $70,775.49 is in checking.  Funds are continuing to stay strong and healthy.

·        There are 4 HOA members who have not paid the HOA fees. May 2nd they were at 90 days.  Letters were sent with no response.  This will now be turned over to our attorney.

·        George emphasized on what are reserves go too as far at improvements to our subdivision.  Such examples were given as the lights, signs, pavers, etc.

·         $5,483 has been spent for irrigation pumps at Grand Heron and Middle beach and a total of 94,000 for all 3 signs to The Glades.

·        The phone directory will be distributed by July end.  George has sent out 14 letters for additional updates with no response, therefore we are moving forward with distribution.


Public Relations:  Tricia McGrath:

·        Trish stated that 13 homes are for sale in the Glades at this time averaging at 149.00 a sqft.

·        5 homes closed in February at 145.00 a sqft. 2 are under contract.

·        School zoning hasn’t been an issue since the re-zoning for our schools.

·        Trish also tries to get to each new Homeowner in the Glades and welcome them to our community.

·         Covenants are always given to new homeowners as part of their closing documents.  She stresses the importance of abiding by the bylaws.

·        Also Homeowners need to provide a copy of the covenants to the” Renter” and make sure that the covenants are abided by.

·        Tricia also brought up that Insurance is higher due to the being called flood zone X.


Environmental Report:  Brian Bischoff

·        Brain has been focusing on Compliance issues.  Lawns, garbage cans, and satellite dishes have been the main focus

·        These will be his main focus in the next coming months.

·        Satellite dishes stated in our covenants states they need to be placed at the back of the house not seen by the road.

·        42 notices were sent out to homeowners regarding this issue, However FCC law of 1996 states placement of dishes is not enforceable. With this known, Brian will not take action but will speak with the homeowner to regarding where it is placed.

·        12 applications for home improvement have been received.  Sod being replaced, and painting of homes.

·        These have been approved within a 5 business day turn around.

·        We are still having issues with home improvements without permission from the board. Brian is trying to rectify these actions by speaking with the homeowner.

·        1 home improvement at this time has not been approved by the committee.

·        The board reiterated to Brian they would assist anyway that they could.


Repairs and Maintenance:  Gus Martell

·        Gus stated that two (2) light have been replaced at the front entrance.

·        The woods along the left hind side when entering our our entrance from R. Jackson are waiting to be done. Gus is still addressing this with Bay Landscaping.

·        The Northside of S. Glades has been dug up and they will continue to do so if progress is being made with drainage.

·        Gus stated that the fence boards at the pond need to be fixed and this will get fixed quickly.

·        Gus asked the question of what we thought about having sidewalks in our community.  This is only is discussion.  He will be asking to see if the city will go in ½.  He has asked Tom Easter for assistance. Tom has many contacts.

Director: Bob Henry

·        Bob stated that he needs new ideas with then Newsletter and to please get in touch with him with any ideas to be published.

·        Voiced the issue with residents and or renters having yard sales even though it is very defined about having them.


Vice President: Jerry Hall

·        Jerry started off by saying that we are working hard on enforcing our covenants.  We are getting the right people in the right place.

·        We will continue following up by ensuring that letters are sent timely and fines will follow afterwards if the issue hasn’t been addressed.



Questions & comments from our Homeowners:

·        Tom Easter-253 S. Glades stated hey are going to open and clean the drains

·        Mr. Easter also stated it can be dictated where the satellite dish can be placed, if not they would be in the yards.

·        Deb Gabris-152 Grand Heron-stated that the traffic issue at the end of her street has been fixed.  There is no a “NO OUTET” sign there.

·        Lex Wall-235 S, Glades Trail asked about the new plans for the new elementary school, and school zoning.

·        Lynn Gill-264 S. Glades Trail was not happy with the letter that she received stating that her Satellite dish was not in the appropriate place and that she would be fined if it wasn’t fixed.  She stated it has been in the same place for years and didn’t like the way that the letter was worded due to the fact nothing has ever been said for years about where it is until now.

·        JoAnn Delre-100 Hombre Circle was concerned about there being three (3) different garbage collectors sometimes at one time picking up so getting our cans in timely sometimes can be a challenge.



The meeting was adjourned by President Rolfe Hunt at 8:13 pm

Minutes stopped at 8:13pm by Secretary, Mechelle Levine