Application Forms

The Glades Owners Association  -  Environmental  Control Committee


Reference Article VIII, The Glades covenants, new construction:

Please forward this application for new construction to the Environmental Control Committee Chair.  As soon as practical after the application is received, the Committee will meet to consider your request.  You will be advised and welcome to attend.  Once the application is approved you will be notified, but work may not commence until you are properly notified in writing.  Construction must be completed within 12 months from the date of approval.

Below is a checklist for determining what will be required for submission to the Environmental Control Committee.

Address:  Block Number  _____________,  Lot Number  ______________

Street Address:  ______________________________________________________________________

Owner:  _____________________________________________________________________________


A complete set of architectural drawings or plans (to be returned after review by the committee), with supporting documents, that address the following items must be submitted with this application.

--------1.     Site plan showing slab, set-backs, and slab elevation.


--------2.     Home exterior materials, finish, and color


--------3.     Any fencing to be used (6’ maximum height).


--------4.     Mail box plan


--------5.     Pool and enclosure.


--------6.     Driveway plan.


--------7.     Landscaping and underground irrigation plans


--------8.     Exterior air conditioning equipment, well pump, pool equipment, and LP Gas tank shielded from view by fencing or mature plants. 








a.      Additional approval for driveways and drainage is required by the City of Panama City Beach, coordinated with Environmental Control Committee.

b.    Minimum heated & cooled square feet:  Custom home – 1800, Patio home – 1500.

c.     Minimum roof pitch: 5/12 with dimensional shingles.

d.    Slab must be at least 12” above crown of street.

e.     Portable toilet must be on site during construction, commencing when clearing and filling begins.

f.     Commercial 20 yard dumpster must be on site during construction after lot is cleared and filled – must be emptied when full.

g.    Owner and contractor are responsible for protecting street edge.  A cushion consisting of 30’ X 3’ of 4”clay covered with 3” of crushed limestone or pea gravel is recommended.

h.     Owner and contractor are responsible for behavior of sub-contractor’s driving, loud music, etc.

i.      Contractor work not permitted on Sundays.

Mailbox design is the responsibility of the owner, but it must be decorative and appealing, and approved by the Environmental Control Committee.

Any deviation from the covenants of The Glades Owners Association must be consistent with extraordinary circumstances, and approved in advance by the Environmental Control Committee.

APPROVED: ______________________

REJECTED:  ______________________ 

Reason for rejection:  __________________________________________________________________




Chair  ______________________________________  Date  __________________________


Member  ____________________________________________  Date  __________________________


Member  ____________________________________________  Date  __________________________