Minutes of Meetings


Thursday, November 19, 2015


The meeting was called to order by board President Rolfe Hunt at 6:30 p.m. Quorum was called.  In attendance were board members Jerry Hall, Gus Martell, Bob Henry, and Treasurer George McNitt.

Absent:  Mechelle Levine, and Brian Bischoff

The minutes from September 24, 2015 HOA meeting were presented for approval.  Gus Martell made the motion to approve. It was seconded by Jerry Hall and approved unanimously.


Drainage Issues:

·        Rolfe discussed the drainage issues with the recent heavy rains.  Many lawns were flooded on Hombre Circle, some close to floor level.

·        Drainage flowing full at the bridge near 125 Hombre-water level the same on both sides with limited flow downstream.

·        City (Corky Denham & crew), were onsite early and through the day.  Very limited water flow on south of 110 Hombre Circle was improved early afternoon by the city. Homes at 270 & 268 S. Glades Trail had water inside.

·        Flooding was said to have been caused by the golf course pond nearby.  This pond AND pond drain are NOT kept clean.


·         The motion was carried to accept the treasurer’s report September 24th, 2015.

·         The balance including our reserves are $72,059.30. George stated that $22,571.45 of this is reserves, and $49,487.85 is in checking.  Funds are continuing to stay strong and healthy.

·        Holding an excessive amount in operating funds can threaten non-profit status.  George recommended transferring $28,000.00 from operations to reserves.  Motion by Jerry Hall to transfer such funds needs to be reviewed by our attorney to understand any issues of moving funds back and forth.

·        Rolfe will ask our attorney Bill Henry.  This transfer must be completed by the end of the year if event takes place.

·        George provided copies of proposed budget to board members.  The board will review the budget proposals and be prepared to finalize budget at the January meeting.

·         George also provided the asset list and discussed the basis for ongoing accruals and goal for reserves.

Public Relations:  Tricia McGrath:

·        Trish stated that 13 homes are for sale in the Glades at this time with 1 sale pending. Homes are averaging $120 to $130 a sqft. New homes are at $150 sqft.

·        Listing prices in the Glades range from $230,000 (patio) to $555,000.00

·        In Panama City Beach, 158 homes are listed in MLS and 26% are under contract.

·        Trish proposed we provide a welcome gift to new residents.  The board voted to reimburse her up to $25.00 each occurrence for this purpose.



Environmental Report: 

·        With Brian being absent, the board and audience discussed several topics.

·        Gus state that the homes front yard at 101 Hombre Circle looks bad.  Rolfe will be discussing this with Brian.

·        Connie Cocklin and others expressed concern about approval for a second floor on a patio home located on Glades Turn.  Gus reported that the homeowner has dropped the plan to do this.

·        There was strong support for denying such requests because it is not in harmony with surrounding homes. Some recognized that as subjective judgement and that guidelines need to be more specific and communicated to owners.  He board will consider this in the near future.

·        Another request was that there needs to be a rule that all proposed modifications need to be communicated to neighbors prior to approval.  The board can consider this at a future meeting.

·        Consider impact on solar devices when reviewing modifications.

·        The Board has no authority over satellite or antennas.


Maintenance:  Gus Martell

·         Gus updated the board on recent work and called attention to needs including attention to the fence behind east end of South Glades Trail and maintenance of ponds and other areas needing work by the golf club.

·         Rolfe to meet with golf club management to clarify ownership, plans, and standards. 


Vice President Report:  Jerry Hall

·        Drainage: engage city and golf club further.

·        Finalize moving $28,000.00 and prepare for budget 2016.

·        Distribute the new Directories for The Glades.

·        Begin $25.00 welcoming gift.

·        Newsletter coming in next few weeks.

·        Nominations letter went out.  Only 1 response far.





·        Expressed appreciation to George and Gus for taking measures managing finances helping in reducing costs.

·        Volunteers to distribute the new directories: Jerry Hall, Linda Gray, Connie Cocklin, Barbara Fraley, and Rolfe Hunt.


The meeting was adjourned by President Rolfe Hunt at 7:30pm

Minutes stopped at 7:pm30 by Rolfe Hunt