Welcome to the revived newsletter for The Glades Owners' Association (TGOA).  Please let us know what YOU would like to see in this newsletter, which will be distributed approximately quarterly depending on the amount of news.  Until we have a volunteer news gatherer/editor, ideas and information can be sent to Gus Martell, via e-mail at or by phone at 234-6238.

We are looking for a resident or business that would like to "sponsor" our publication by doing some or all of gathering information, formatting/typing up the newsletter, printing it and distributing it to our members.  A business would be allowed to advertise themselves as the sole sponsor of the newsletter.  If no single business wants to commit to a whole year, we will look at multiple sponsors sharing the year and/or a single publication.  We are glad to say that Tricia McGrath of Sugar Shore Properties, LLC has agreed to be our sponsor for our start-up issue, and possibly into the future.

Please understand that this will be a work in progress for awhile, and it will only work if the residents take an active part in submitting articles, ideas, questions and concerns.  We need to know what you would like to see and what you do not want to see.  And a volunteer or two to gather and edit the potential information for each newsletter would be extremely helpful to obtain a long-term sponsor.

Please let board members know if you would rather receive this newsletter via our website and/or let us know how many of you do NOT have computer access and need to receive a printed newsletter.  Costs can be substantially reduced if the newsletter is provided via the website rather than a mail-out, but we want to do what's right for the owners.



Board Meeting News:


·                     New decorations for the Holiday Season have been ordered and should be installed at all three entrances from approximately Thanksgiving Day until just after New Year's Day.  We hope these decorations will help brighten your holidays.


·                     Due to legislative changes to the Florida Statutes pertaining to Homeowner's Associations, which became effective July 1, 2011, we have a new requirement to increase the amount of funds in the association's reserve account.  Based on the reserve fund requirement and the continual increase across the board in operating expenses, the board has voted to increase the annual assessment per property from $200 to $225 starting in 2012.  We did not do this lightly or without much discussion, but feel it is in the best interest of the community.  Along with the increase to ALL property owners, we will be reducing the additional $75 per year that the twenty four Glades II owners were previously assessed, down to $50, so their total assessment will actually remain at $275, the same as this year.


·                     In November you will be receiving a letter from the Nominating Committee pertaining to serving on the Board of Directors.  We would like as many residents as possible to volunteer to be a nominee, and we may be able to increase the number of directors on the board if we get enough good candidates.  Nominations will close January 16, 2012 and the election will take place at the Annual Meeting to be held February 26, 2012.  Any questions, contact Nominating Committee Chairman, Jerry Hall at 249-4704.


·                     Please note that minutes of prior board meetings are available at our website or if you have no computer/website access, from the Board Secretary Bob Gilbert, who can be reached at 249-6013.


The board has been in discussions with the association's lawyer to finally amend our By-Laws.  Some of the changes are due to legislative changes to the Florida Statutes, while a major update will be to establish a specific process to impose possible fines for assessment and environmental violations.  In the past we have had a number of violations but our by-laws did not provide the authority to impose a fine and ultimately a lien on properties that continue to be in violation when the property owner does not resolve the violation in a timely manner.  It is imperative that we adhere to the association's rules which are only there to help us maintain the highest possible value for our properties within the community.  The attorney is scheduled to have the amendments available by the next board meeting which is scheduled for Thursday, November 17, 2011 at the Golf Beach Baptist Church at 6:30  p.m. unless otherwise posted.



·                     After the amendments are finalized and approved by the board the proposed amendments will be put to a vote of all property owners.  We have two options for this vote to take place.  The first option          

            would require two, three, or more volunteers from each street to take the By-Law Amendment voting ballot

            door-to-door on their street.  (We will NOT attempt this if we do not get enough concerned volunteers to

            participate.)  If a quorum can be obtained the vote can be completed in this format.  If a quorum is not

            obtained by door-to-door canvass we can follow-up by including the By-Law Amendment voting ballot in with

            the board of director voting package in January, 2012 for all properties that have not participated in the

            door-to-door vote.  If we do NOT get enough volunteers to do the door-to-door canvass we will go directly

            to option 2, which is to do the By-Law Amendment vote at the same time that we have the elections for 2012

            board members on February 26, 2012.  In that case, early in the month of February you should receive

            BOTH the official ballot pakage for the election of directors as well as information on the recommended By-

            Law Amendment.  We ask that you vote to approve the updating of our governing documents as proposed,

            and because a two-thirds approval rate is required for passage, it is imperative that you participate.


·                     It may help you to prepare for the vote by becoming or re-familiarizing yourself with our association's governing documents.  Several particularly important areas are contained in the By-Laws of The

           Glades Owners' Association, Inc. - Articles IX and XVII, as well as the Declaration of Covenants and

           Restrictions for The Glades, Article VIII - Environmental Control Committee.




·                     We continue to have a problem with yard trash placement and removal at several locations.  The City of Panama City Beach is only available to a Glades property owner with the removal of excess palm branch trimmings, grass clippings, bush and tree trimmings, and other plant waste resulting from work done BY the property owner on his/her own property.  They should NOT be expected to pick up lumber, broken pots, and other debris not natural and bio-degradable.  Any yard debris resulting from work performed by an outside contractor that you pay, should NOT be put out for City pick-up.  That debris should be removed by the service provider and taken to the proper disposal location.  Placement of yard debris resulting from work by the property owner should be in front of their own property, close to the street for city pick-up.  Placing the debris on someone else's property or in front of a vacant buffer zone is considered trespassing and is a violation of law.  It is suggested that Glades property owners with a limited amount of yard debris place it in a plastic bag and dispose of it with the rest of your household trash with your regular waste removal service provider.


·                     Other than the annual election meeting we are not getting very many owners to attend and participate in the bi-monthly board meetings.  We need your active participation to let us know what we are doing right and what you think we are doing wrong.  We may not always agree, but we won't know what you are thinking if you don't tell us.  Since we may be able to discuss the proposed by-law revision at the next meeting that might be a good time for you to join us.


·                     We also ask that you think about volunteering for a committee.  I know many of you enjoyed the Spring Picnic earlier this year and we hope to do it again next year.  Bill and Connie Cocklin did a wonderful job Chairing that event, and it's not too early to think about volunteering for that committee now. 



Environmental Control Items:



·                     A "Request for Modification" form, available from our website at, is required for painting, fences, home additions, landscaping, etc.  A form for "New Construction" is also available on the web-site.  If you do not have computer/website access you can get a form from Jerry Hall, the Chairman of the Environmental Control Committee.


·                     There should be no unsightly items left around the exterior of your home which is or may become a nuisance or a source of embarrassment, discomfort or annoyance to the neighbors.  This includes any "sheds" on your property which are strictly prohibited.


·                     No air conditioning units, propane gas tanks, or garbage containers that are visible from the street are allowed without the proper fencing or mature foliage to cover them from view.


·                     Both dogs and cats should be on a leash, under your control, and not allowed to run free outside of your own fenced in area.  And also please remember that when you walk your pet to please pick up all waste from neighbor's yards and right-of-ways and dispose of it in your own garbage can.



·                     No vehicles of any sort shall park on a lot except on the driveway, and under no circumstance should there be a trailer, camper, boat, RV, or commercial vehicle parked in a driveway longer than for a few hours for loading and unloading purposes.


·                     No signs are allowed on lots, with the exception of "For Sale" signs.


·                     Garage doors should be closed when not in use.  This is a safety and aesthetic issue.  It can invite mice, snakes, etc., into your home and allows potential thieves to see what's "available" in your garage, as well as it is not a pretty sight for your neighbors across the street.


We hope that you have found this first issue informative, and look forward to your comments.  Feel free to contact any Board Member with suggestions, but remember that any "specific" concern can be best resolved by the board member that has direct responsibility for that particular function or committee.  And don't forget that a lot of information, forms, minutes, etc., are available on our web-site.  THANK YOU. 


This issue is solely sponsored by resident Tricia McGrath of Sugar Shore Properties, LLC.  We ask that you think of Tricia for any current or future real estate needs.  Please visit her at or by phone at 850-774-0400.



Volume 1 - October, 2011



The Glades Owners' Association

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