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The Glades Owners Association
Panama City Beach, Florida

Application for Yard Sale Permit


Name (print _______________________________________________
Street Address _____________________________________________
Phone # ___________________________________________________
Email address ______________________________________________
Date submitted _____________________________________________
Requested sale date _________________________________________
Requested rain date _________________________________________
Sale address (if different from above)___________________________
Sale type [x]
[ ] One day [ ] Two day
[ ] Single family
[ ] Multi-family (List others below. Each must submit an application)
[ ] Special (Moving, life event, death, etc.) [ ] ______(number) additional sale days requested
[ ] I have read, understand, and will comply with the Glades Yard Sale Rules
[ ] If for any reason I require insurance or security for this sale, I provide it.
[ ] I indemnify and hold harmless the Glades Owners Association and its officers, agents, and homeowners against any claims, loss, theft, injury, non-payment, misrepresentation, or other damages that may arise from this sale. All sales are between the seller (applicant for permit) and the buyer.
Signed __________________________________________, Responsible Applicant, Date __________