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President: Tom Trossen 913-827-8279

Vice President: Rob Jagger 850-708-1322

Director: Daniel Darce 630-518-5370

Director: Bill McDaniel 850-624-7692

Director: Karla Seaborn 850-867-0216

Treasurer: George McNitt  850-775-7833

Secretary: Jan Schott 734-476-5599

TGOA Board of Directors TGOA_Board

For Estoppel Certificate requests, please contact the Treasure via phone or email address above.  Effective 1 November 2023, The Glades will be charging a $299 Estoppel Fee for home purchases in The Glades Owners Association.

Mailing Address:  TGOA Inc, PO Box 9607, Panama City Beach FL 32417-9607