Schedule of Fines

Most homeowner associations have certain restrictive covenants that are usually communicated at the time of home purchase.  These covenants are designed to help maintain and enhance property values for all homeowners. Covenants are deed restrictions and are recorded at the Bay County Clerk of Court office.

The Glades Owners Association has such covenants and restrictions including but not limited to: the parking of boats, RV’s and trailers in view of the road or golf course for extended periods. Other restrictions govern such things as landscaping and the use of your property in our subdivision.  For a full list of all restrictions, please refer to your association documents. All pertinent documents, including the newly approved By-Law Amendment, can also be viewed on our website at  

The Board of Directors has approved a schedule of fines to help enforce our rules.  This is a progressive fine that can result in the filing of a lien after the cumulative totals $1,000.00 within one year, if the fine(s) are not paid.  The initial, trial schedule is effective immediately and will be as follows:

First infraction: A written warning of the infraction will first be delivered to the owner/violator. If the infraction is resolved, then no fine/schedule will come in to play. If correction is not made within two weeks a formal letter of Notice will be sent to the homeowner/violator warning of the impending fine with an opportunity to correct the problem. The property owner/violator may, in writing, within 14 days of the service of Notice, request a hearing before the Fine and Suspension Committee, and that failure to serve a request for hearing upon a Board Director within 14 calendar days of service of Notice shall be a waiver of all rights to a hearing.

After two weeks from the written letter of Notice, a fine of $25.00 per week will be imposed for the next 4 weeks.  ($100.00)

After the first four weeks: a $50.00 fine per week will be imposed for the next 2 weeks.  ($100.00)

After six weeks: a $100.00 fine per week will be imposed for the next 8 weeks ($800.00) until a total of fines for the year reach the maximum allowable of $1,000.00.  It will take a total of 14 weeks to reach this total.

After reaching a total of $1,000.00 in one year, a lien may then be filed against the subject property to further enforce the fine and urge the owner to resolve the issue.

When the infraction is resolved and all applicable fines are paid, the fines will cease.

As a Board of Directors duly elected by the homeowners our goal is to help maintain our property values and make our community one of the most sought after residential areas anywhere on the beach, and to enforce the rules necessary to do so within the confines of the law and our governing documents.

Your cooperation with this effort will be greatly appreciated.